Man fights for life

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A MAN is fighting for his life after a fierce blaze ripped through his Wigan home.

Gordon Bailey was rescued by firefighters from his flat at Livingstone Street, Ashton, in the early hours of yesterday morning and is currently in a critical condition in Wigan Infirmary having suffered serious burns.

Firemen forced their way into the premises to then find the 54-year-old collapsed.

It is believed that some kind of accident rather than arson is to blame for the tragedy but investigators say they are keeping their minds open.

A neighbour said today that Mr Bailey hadn’t lived in the area for more than a few months and kept himself to himself.

Family of the victim, who lives alone, are awaiting updates of his condition.

Brother-in-law John Pasquill, 53, lives next door and said he slept though the whole disturbance.

He said: “Gordon has a mother and a couple of sisters they will all be worried about him.

He’s an alright guy and I just hope he’s OK.”

A woman who lives on the street with her partner said she horrified by the emergency.

The neighbour, who did not want to be identified, said: “I don’t know how it started but I saw the lights and I saw the fire - it just looked uncontrollable, it was awful.

“I hope he will be okay it is such a shame and it’s horrible when it happens right on your own doorstep.”

Some neighbours who witnessed the fire were terrified by the scenes.

One resident, who was woken at 4am by the noise, said: “The lamppost in the street has been broken for months and it’s really dark around here.

“You can’t see what’s happening or what is going on in this street.

“It’s terrible and scary to know that your life could be in danger just in a matter of seconds.

“I don’t know the man but I have seen him coming and going. Fingers crossed he will recover.”

A joint investigation between Greater Manchester Police and the Fire Service is under way.

A spokesman for Greater Manchester Police said that it looks like it was an accidental fire but investigations are still ongoing.