Man found dead in flat

Gregg Heywood
Gregg Heywood

A WIGAN charity worker who had a history of seizures brought on by alcohol withdrawal died on the floor of his flat, a Bolton inquest heard.

Coroner Jennifer Leeming recorded an open verdict in the tragic case of Gregg Stuart Heywood, 31, of Springfield Street, Swinley.

The inquest heard that Mr Heywood was found in his one bedroom property by neighbour Paul Eccles who in a statement explained that the former Lowton High School pupil was face down with his head on his folded arms.

Mr Heywood, who had worked for homeless charity Christian Alliance, had left his home town in 2008 to move in with his partner in London.

He returned home last year.

The court was told that he had suffered several seizures as a result of alcohol withdrawal and had been prescribed medication for gastric erosion symptoms in addition to painkillers and anti-depressants.

Dr Stephen Mills, Consultant Histopathologist, explained that toxicology tests carried out as part of the post-mortem examination revealed that the 31-year-old did not have traces of alcohol or drugs in his system.

He said: “Alcohol related seizures tend to occur when someone is not consuming alcohol or is in withdrawal.

“I could not find any evidence of physical disease and therefore can only point to a possible culprit. I can see a possible cause as he had a history of seizures but cannot confirm a probable cause.”

Mrs Leeming recorded an open verdict as the medical evidence could not confirm a definitive cause of death.

Addressing the Heywood family, the coroner said: “It seems almost probable that Mr Heywood had a seizure and that is a strong candidate for his cause of death. But because I cannot eliminate other eventualities I must record an open verdict.

“It is clear to me that he came home to his family and it is a great thing to have a family to come home to and you must miss him very much. Please accept my sincere sympathy.”