Man found his brother dead

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A WIGAN man who suffered a fatal haemorrhage was found collapsed in the bathroom by his brother while his parents were on holiday.

At a Bolton inquest, assistant deputy coroner Alison Mutch heard that Kevin Arstall, 30, of Langton Avenue, Standish, had a history of alcohol-related problems and was receiving medication to ease a deep vein thrombosis in his left calf.

Mr Arstall died on July 12 as a result of a gastro-intestinal haemorrhage exacerbated by the Warfarin treatment he was receiving to help thin his blood, the hearing was told.

His mother, Bernadette Arstall, explained that her son had been trying to curb his heavy drinking and that the family had a history of thrombosis.

She said: “We had tried to help him with his drinking and had got him off drinking strong cider and on to something not as strong but we did find that every so often he would go back. And because of the withdrawal symptoms he was sometimes in a bad way.”

In the months leading up to his death, Mr Arstall suffered a serious head injury after coming off his bicycle which had caused him to experience memory loss.

And in February he was diagnosed with a thrombosis in his left leg after experiencing sharp pain in his calf.

Having been prescribed blood-thinning medication, Fragmin and later Warfarin, Mr Arstall was warned about the dangers of alcohol consumption while on this medication.

Dr Saeed Zafar, consultant physician at Wigan Royal Infirmary, said: “While on warfarin medication there is a danger that a patient can have a bleed on any site in the body if alcohol has been consumed.

“And given Mr Arstall’s history of being a smoker and drinking we gave him four weeks to decide whether to have the Warfarin medication while in the meantime he was kept on Fragmin to prevent the clot moving to his lungs.”

While receiving the medication, Mr Arstall’s blood clotting levels were closely monitored. Mrs Mutch heard that the levels would often fluctuate and on one occasion the level went into the high risk category for a bleed after Mr Arstall admitted he had consumed alchohol.

On the day of his death, Mr Arstall was in bed with what brother Paul thought was a stomach complaint.

Paul returned to the family home in the early afternoon having visited a friend’s house and thought Kevin was asleep after he did not answer his calls. It was not until later that afternoon, when Paul went upstairs, that Mr Arstall’s body was found.

Mrs Mutch recorded a narrative verdict that Mr Arstall died from the gastro-intestinal haemorrhage aggravated by Warfarin.