Man headbutted door after pregnancy ruse

Crime story
Crime story

A FURIOUS teenager smashed his head through his ex-girlfriend’s door on discovering she had feigned pregnancy to lure him back, a court heard.

Warren Tomney of Manley Street, Ince, pleaded guilty to criminal damage and breach of bail and was remanded in custody by Wigan magistrates.

He had previously been on bail awaiting sentence for a previous assault on Hayley Parish.

The court heard that on July 4 the 18-year-old had been contacting the victim, despite bail conditions ordering him not to. Prosecuting, Steve Woodward said Ms Parish hadn’t told police as she didn’t want him to get in more trouble. But over the weekend he went to her in hopes of a reconciliation which she said wasn’t going to happen.

Mr Woodward explained that as a result, he head-butted her bedroom door, went away and then returned several hours later. He said: “She told him to go away and he damaged a pane of glass on her front door. He was escorted away by neighbours who had heard the incident and accepted all responsibility to police.”

Defending, Bob Toppin said the victim had been in touch with the defendant just 15 minutes after he left the court the last time in an attempt to rekindle the relationship and it was on her part 100 per cent.

He explained: “She feigned a pregnancy test to get him to come back to her address which stupidly he did. I know he has been stupid but he was hoping for a relationship with her. She told him she was pregnant which was clearly not the case.”

Mr Toppin told the court that once he found out that the victim wasn’t pregnant they had an argument and he became frustrated. He said: “His family feel very strongly that she somewhat set him up. The defendant has had time to reflect and I am pretty sure he wants nothing to do with the young lady now. She had been the one who encouraged him. But he was stupid and reacted to the provocation.”

Tomney will be sentenced on July 20.