Man hospitalised in horror buggy crash

News story
News story

A MAN was taken to hospital with a suspected broken leg following a high-speed horror buggy smash.

Emergency services were called to the Three Sisters Racing Circuit in Ashton following the crash at around 11.55am on Saturday.

The man was driving the high-powered vehicle similar to a dune buggy when he left the track and ended up in the middle of the circuit trapped by the frame of the badly-damaged car.

Firefighters estimated he was travelling at around 70mph when the incident occurred, and an air ambulance helicopter was also called to the scene but not used.

Fire crews from Wigan used hydraulic cutting equipment to rescue the driver, working with firefighters from Hindley, paramedics and the Three Sisters’ on-site team of marshals in an operation lasting around 90 minutes.

Watch manager Isaac Olurankinse praised the co-ordinated rescue effort and the way the services pulled together to free the man from the wrecked vehicle.

He said: “When we arrived the emergency marshals had already cut some of the roll cage around the man but needed our more powerful cutting equipment.

“We tried to remove the frame which had crushed his leg, it was quite a delicate process to cut around him without causing pain or discomfort.

“It looked like he had quite a severe break to his right leg. The paramedics were still treating him when we left.

“There were around 20 people in the area so it was quite difficult to make sure everyone was safe, but they all worked together quite well.

“The track emergency marshals did a good job with the equipment they had and the paramedics worked together with us.”

The North West Ambulance Service (NWAS) confirmed the man was taken by road to Wigan Infirmary.