Man injured as pan catches fire

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A WIGAN man suffered burns to his hands after he attempted to put out a chip pan fire.

The 35-year-old had left a pan of food unattended in his terraced home, in Whelley, Wigan, at 10.50pm on Wednesday, when it set alight.

He then moved the pan outside onto a plastic wheelie bin, which also set on fire.

A neighbour went to assist the man and escorted him out of the house and called the fire services.

Crews used two breathing apparatus an administered first aid to the occupier, who was also suffering from smoke inhalation.

Am ambulance was also called, but he declined hospital treatment.

The blaze damaged the cooker, nearby microwave and the kitchen walls.

Paul Baines, crew commander for Wigan Fire Service said: “It appears the man had been drinking and a neighbour helped to get him out, otherwise he would have been worse off.

“We warn people not to tackle fires themselves, but to call us. They should also not put burning pans on plastic wheelie bins, as they also catch fire.”