Man injured in exploding e-cig horror

Victoria Newton with her children
Victoria Newton with her children

A MAN was taken to hospital with horrific injuries after his e-cigarette exploded.

Emergency services were called to Woodcock House, Scholes, at around 7pm on Wednesday to reports of a fire.

But upon arrival, firefighters found the man in his 40s seriously injured after the e-cig blast caused shards of metal to embed in his legs.

It produced so much force it actually blew out the lenses in his glasses.

Station Manager Ben Levy, who was in charge of the incident, said: “The gentleman was sitting on his sofa in his shorts smoking his e-cigarette.

“The e-cig became very hot and he threw it on the floor. It then exploded and a piece of metal went through the man’s leg, put a hole in a door and ricocheted off a wall. Another section of the e-cig wounded his other leg in the explosion.

“As far as we understand, it was a brand new e-cig that the man was using. We are now carrying out an investigation to establish the cause of the explosion.”

Residents have since admitted they are astounded by the incident.

One neighbour, Billy Baldwin said: “I’m so shocked to think that such a small device designed to help you could cause so much injury - it’s so scary to think.

“I just hope the poor man is OK and it’s definitely been a warning to all us who live here.”

Another, Tony O’Dwyer added: “I saw all the flashing lights and ambulance turn up but I never imagined it to be something as horrific as this.”

Just three months ago a family was left devastated after their home was engulfed in a horrific blaze sparked by an e-cigarette and its charger.

Victoria Newton, 34, and her three children were “lucky to be alive” but were left homeless after the electronic cigarette blew up when it was left plugged in.

She was at home with four-year-old son Dylan and daughters Millie-Anne, nine, and Lauren, 13, when the blaze ripped through their semi-detached home, killing their neighbour’s cat in the process.

Now Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service are advising people using e-cigs to always follow the manufacturer’s guidelines. Never charge them for longer than need be and never leave them plugged in overnight.

They should also look for a CE Mark to ensure the e-cig charger complies with European safety standards.