Man is rescued in river drama

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FIREMEN mounted an early hours rescue operation of a man found trapped in the River Douglas.

A resident in Scholes high rise flats raised the alarm after hearing shouts for help at dawn. Emergency services found a man in his 30s trapped waist deep in the mud of the rain swollen river.

It is not clear if he had entered the river intentionally intending to do himself harm or had become trapped after taking a shortcut which went dramatically wrong.

The “confused” man did not appear to have been drinking.

Greater Manchester Fire Services water incident team based at Worsley joined firefighters from Wigan Station’s Red Watch to extract the man who was taken to hospital for checks and then discharged.

Ladders were laid across the river bank and firefighters eased themselves along it before attaching a harness to the man and hauling him to safety.

Wigan crew commander Martin White said: “The Douglas was moving fast and cold so the man was in some peril.

“He was standing but stuck fast and needed help getting out. As to the circumstances of how he got in there I really can’t say. He would have been in trouble if he had stayed in the water for any length of time because of the temperature.”