Man jailed for double stabbing

Crime story
Crime story

A YOUNG man who stabbed two other men outside his own home was given an 11-year sentence.

Charles Norrie, who was drunk, had threatened “I’m going to stab you all” and jailing him a judge said, “You were true to your word.”

“Fortunately for them and you there was no fatality, there easily could have been,” he added.

Judge David Aubrey, QC ruled that Norrie poses a significant risk of harm to others and imposed an eight year jail term with an extended licence of three years.

Norrie, of Satchel Close, Newtown, Wigan, was on licence at the time from a sentence for making threats armed with a knife, and Judge Aubrey warned him that he will have to serve at least two thirds of the jail sentence and possibly the whole term.

Liverpool Crown Court heard that 25-year-old Norrie suffered a serious head injury when he was just seven but it was not clear how much of his behavioural problems and aggressive outbursts could be attributed to that.

“It is quite apparent to this court that many of the issues you undoubtedly have stem from your long history of substance mis-use including alcohol, cocaine and other drugs,” said Judge Aubrey.

Tom Watson, prosecuting, said that Callum Sullivan, Alex Porterfield, Norrie’s brother, Steven and two other men arrived at the defendant’s home in the early hours of December 5 following a phone call from him.

They were all drinking and had planned to stay the night but after an hour Norrie, who was drinking full glasses of vodka, became agitated and was trying to goad Mr Sullivan into a fight. He began play fighting with his brother and after coming off worst became even angrier.

He went into the kitchen and came out with two knives each seven inches long and was shouting, ‘I’m going to stab you all’. He then launched an attack on his brother until Mr Porterfield intervened and managed to wrestle Norrie to the floor and kick the knives away.

Norrie returned to the kitchen and came back with two small knives and once again launched an attack on his brother who was defending himself with a pole. His brother and Mr Porterfield wrestled him to the floor and disarmed him and understandably all the guests decided to leave.

After they went outside he chased his brother armed with another knife and was slashing at his chest. He went back inside and Mr Sullivan then realised he had left his mobile phone in the property and went back for it.

He was stabbed in the chest on the doorstep by Norrie. Mr Porterfield and Steven Norrie managed to get into the house to rescue him but outside Norrie bit Mr Porterfield on the cheek and stabbed him twice in the back and made slashing motions with the knife towards his face and chest, said Mr Watson.

He managed to run off and hid by a car before shouting for help and collapsing. Meanwhile the two other men who had been at the gathering had gone for help and police and paramedics arrived on the scene.

At hospital it was found that Mr Porterfield had a puncture wound behind his ear as well as the two stab wounds, which needed stitches and the bite mark. Mr Sullivan had a small laceration by his right nipple which was closed with steri-strips.

Steven Norrie would not assist over his injuries and charges of wounding involving him were dropped. His brother pleaded guilty to wounding with intent, wounding and possessing an offensive weapon.

Adrian Williams, defending, said that Norrie, who has 34 previous convictions including violence and dishonesty, had suffered seizures, learning difficulties, behavioural problems and aggressive outbursts since his childhood accident.

He had a negative upbringing and went on to have a long history of substance misuse. He did not know why he carried out the attacks and was distressed and shocked when he saw the photographs of his victims’ injuries.

He has been on remand for seven months and has been a model prisoner and responding well to new anti-depressant medication, added Mr Williams.