Man jailed for window break

Crime story
Crime story

A REPENTANT man has been give a four-month jail sentence - for breaking a window.

Drunken Leonid Soroncinskij was caught on CCTV using a stone to smash a small hole in a security pane at The Shanghai Palace in Poolstock, Wigan and Leigh magistrates heard.

A Lithuanian national who has lived and worked in the town for the past four years, he was so filled with remorse the following day for his actions he went to the police station to attempt to hand himself in, but the language barrier meant that his details were not properly processed.

However Soroncinskij, 31, of Belvedere Place, Worsley Mesnes, was eventually traced because of his blood smears left on the window.

He admitted causing £1,300 damage to the restaurant window owned by director Joseph Farley.

Despite his remorse, some devastating news about his family back home and the fact that such acts of vandalism rarely attract custodial sentences, justices decided to activate a four-month long suspended prison sentence, reduced to three months, given to Soroncinskij for driving while disqualified and driving without insurance.

He was given a further month for the criminal damage.

Prosecutor Nicola Ormerod said: “Blood was recovered from the scene by CSI officers and matched to the defendant.

“He was arrested and interviewed by officers in due course and said that he had drunk a large amount of beer after visiting his friends.

“Soroncinskij picked up a rock as he walked home past the restaurant and used it to cause the criminal damage. He told the officers that he was very drunk but he didn’t know why he committed the act.”

Andrew Stock, defending, said that Soroncinkskij was a hard working factory worker who had been hit hard by a family trauma.

He had received a call from a relative telling him that his mother, in Lithuania, had fallen into a diabetic coma.

And that had resulted in him embarking on a massive drinking binge which hit him particularly hard because he only drinks socially once a month.

Repeatedly flying back to his former home in Eastern Europe to care for her was also the reason why Soroncinskij had only completed 104 of the 150 hours unpaid work which had also been a part of the suspended sentence.