Man jailed over race slur on bus

Crime story
Crime story

A MAN has been jailed after admitting a racially-aggravated incident on a bus.

James Carr made a racially offensive remark to a young black woman on a bus in the town and threatened to hit her with a can of beer.

Liverpool Crown Court heard that just before this 53-year-old Carr accused two black men of standing on his shopping during the bus journey and pointed this out to her.

She told him: “Your shopping shouldn’t be there in the middle of the bus” and Carr then said to the her: “I knew you would agree with them, you’re one of them.” and then called her a racially offensive name.

Carr, of Rosedale Avenue, Atherton, was removed from the bus and arrested. Jailing him for nine months Judge Aubrey QC said: “Right minded citizens are proud to live in a multicultural community.”

Kyra Badman, defending said Carr did not hold racist views.