Man led to safety after kitchen fire

News story
News story

A MAN was rescued by firefighters after a blaze broke out in his Wigan home.

Crews were called to a ground floor flat in Liverpool Road, Platt Bridge, at 3.30am on Saturday after the occupant had left food unattended burning on the hob.

The man, thought to be in his mid 30s, had attempted to escape, but when firefighters broke into the flat, wearing breathing apparatus, they found him conscious, lying on the living room floor.

They led him to safety and he was taken to hospital with slight smoke inhalation.

The flames had caused extensive damage to the kitchen and the flat was heavily smoke logged.

Residents in the flats above had vacated the building before fire crews arrived.

Watch manager Gary Gray said: “The man had been drinking and had started making food.

“We warn people that if they have consumed alcohol, not to start cooking as they are more likely to fall asleep.

“The occupant did have a working smoke alarm, but it was fitted on the wall. We advise to fit alarms on the ceiling.”