Man punched wife in front of tot

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A WIGAN man has admitted punching his estranged wife in front of their one-year-old child.

Ian Jones pleaded to guilty to an assault on Leanne Jones.

Wigan Magistrates’ Court heard how the 31-year-old lashed out after Ms Jones revealed that she was in a new relationship.

Mike Ardern, prosecuting, told how Jones and his wife - who have three children together - were travelling together in his car when she broke the news. Their youngest child was on the back seat.

Although the duo were already going through divorce proceedings, Jones started verbally abusing his wife and driving erratically.

He then stopped the car, took the baby’s pram out of the boot and told her to get out.

When she refused he got back in the car and repeatedly punched her in the arm, shouting: “It’s all your fault.”

Jones, of Worcester Avenue, Hindley, then got out of the car and took the pram out of the boot again, before trying to drag his wife out of the passenger side door.

When she grabbed hold of the steering wheel to steady herself, he tried to pull her out of the vehicle by her hair. During the struggle, Ms Jones’ earring was pulled out of her ear.

Magistrates adjourned the case until August 15 for the preparation of a pre sentence report. Jones’ conditional bail was extended until that date.