Man saved after falling under train

Wigan North Western Station
Wigan North Western Station

A PASSENGER had to be rescued by firefighters after stumbling into a platform gap and underneath a train.

Emergency crews were called to Wigan North Western railway station after a pensioner tumbled underneath a stationary train at about 8pm on Saturday.

Luckily, fellow passengers alerted station staff and a potential tragedy was averted.

Wigan Fire Station watch manager Dave Scully told how the 69-year-old victim was left “dazed and confused” by the incident.

He said: “The man had been walking along the platform to catch the train, and fell into the gap between the train and the platform edge.

“The train was immediately put on hold so we could get to him safely. We managed to pull him out, and he was put straight on a stretcher and into an ambulance.

“He had a cut on his head and seemed a bit unsure about what had happened. The station was really busy at the time too – it was full of Fulham fans heading back to London.”

The incident came almost a year to the day after a passenger at Wigan Wallgate station had a miraculous escape after falling under a moving train.

On that occasion, late night travellers screamed in terror after a man lost his footing and slid down the side of a train as it slowed to a stop. Astonishingly, the victim suffered little more than minor cuts to his neck, bruises and mild shock.

A spokesman for Network Rail said at the time: “Gaps between trains and platforms are a safety necessity in their own right.

“Passengers falling between trains and platforms is a very rare occurrence.”