Man slept through kitchen blaze

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A WIGAN man had a lucky escape from a fire in the early hours of the morning after he fell asleep while cooking.

The 24-year-old dozed off on the couch while waiting for a meal to cook in the oven - and did not hear his smoke alarm sounding.

Fortunately his neighbours did and called Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service.

Crews from Wigan attended the scene in Fowler Close, Scholes at around 4.10am on Saturday and found neighbours on the street unsure whether anyone was inside.

Watch manager Gareth Gray said: “We broke the door in and the flat was heavily smoke logged. Firefighters wearing breathing apparatus went inside and found the man asleep on the couch.

“He was very lucky as he didn’t even know the smoke alarm was going off.”

A subsequent investigation by firefighters found the blaze had been caused when food caught alight.

However, the kitchen was not badly damaged while the remainder of the flat escaped with minor smoke damage.

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