Man stole thousands from mentally infirm mother

Crime story
Crime story

A TREACHEROUS man systematically stole almost £27,500 from his elderly mentally infirm mum.

Timothy Brinkman was this week sentenced to nine months’ imprisonment for his callous jail but a judge suspended it for two years and also ordered him to carry out 200 hours’ unpaid work.

“For over three years you helped yourself to money belonging to your elderly and infirm mother who lacked capacity and for most of the time was living in a care home.

“You exploited her condition in order to treat her bank account as your own,” said Judge Thomas Teague, QC.

He said that it was a breach of trust but accepted that in many cases Brinkman’s mum, who died in January this year, would have given him the money or loaned it to him.

“Following the death of your sister you are the sole heir and will inherit the estate and was always going to be a beneficiary, he said”

Judge Teague said that there are still substantial outstanding bills for the victim’s care home fees which the stolen money should have been used to pay.

Brinkman, 56, of Powell Drive, Billinge, had pleaded guilty to five thefts spanning January 2009 and October 2012.

Harry Pepper, prosecuting, told Liverpool Crown Court heard that the offences involve a total of stealing £27,435 from his mother, Ruth Brinkman.

He used to take money from her account using her bank card in cash machines, often taking £250 a time and also bought food, paying for his car and clothes.

His behaviour came to light because the care home became concerned about unpaid fees and social services called in the police.

Defence barrister David Morton said that Brinkman had begun by borrowing money with every intention of repaying it but he lost his job.

He was in danger of being evicted from his home and just took money for necessities not luxuries and which his mother, if she had been mentally capable, would probably have given or lent him.

He is now in employment in the IT industry, added Mr Morton.