Man tells of horror attack

John McNamara
John McNamara

A WIGAN father has branded the man who bit off his ear in a violent attack “a coward who deserves to be punished.”

John McNamara of Saddleback Road, Pemberton, was picking up his nine-year-old son Liam from school when he became involved in an altercation with Wesley Barr and Angela McCormick, both of City Road, Kitt Green.

The incident soon escalated into a violent struggle during which John’s earlobe was bitten off.

John said: “Barr said to me ‘I’m going to bite your ear off’ but I thought that was just a threat. I looked up and saw it in his mouth, I didn’t feel anything when it happened. The police found it on the field later but by that time there was nothing that could be done with it.”

West Lancashire District Council worker John, 47, had just met Liam outside Orrell Lamberhead Green Community Primary and was on his way home when he noticed a friend arguing with McCormick in the street.

He said: “I could see McCormick arguing with my friend so I went over and she started shouting at me.

“I had never had anything to do with her before. We walked away but she had started swearing and spitting at me and when she got close I pushed her away as she was throwing punches.”

John and Liam walked towards their home but were followed to a field off Saddleback Crescent.

John said: “I carried on walking but by this time she had got Barr involved. I could see him coming with a brick in his hand. He threw it and it hit me and then hit Liam.

“He picked a brick up again and threw it and kept coming at me.

“I was telling him to put the brick down and we ended up in a struggle with each other. I think I was getting the better of him and then he bit my ear.”

Barr, 31, pleaded guilty to wounding involving biting off John’s right ear lobe, possessing an offensive weapon, a piece of paving and assaulting a nine-year-old boy.

McCormick, 35, admitted assaulting him causing actual bodily harm.

Sentencing of the pair has been adjourned until September 13 at Liverpool Crown Court. McCormick was futher remanded on bail and Barr in custody.

John said: “I’ve never been involved with anything like that before. We want people to know the truth. There were parents and children around who may have seen what happened with it being the end of the school day.

“I was picking my lad up and went to help a friend. They deserve to be punished for what happened.

I think it was cowardly what he did using the brick as a weapon.”

The victim was full of praise for the way the police handled the case and he also thanked witnesses for coming forward.