Man thought he was breaking into his own home

News story
News story

A DRUNK man broke into his neighbour’s house mistaking it for his own.

Kenny Conway of Broom Road, Worsley Hall, admitted committing an act of criminal damage on the home next door-but-one after an early hours walk with his dog.

Prosecuting, Katie Beattie, told Wigan magistrates police were called to an address on Broom Road at around 2am on September 5 and found Conway at the side of the house trying to get in through a window.

Officers said there was blood everywhere and the defendant appeared to be extremely drunk. The window had been smashed and there was blood not only on Conway but also over the broken window and net curtain beyond and glass all over the floor.

Conway, 59, stated to the police officers: “I had to smash the window because my key wouldn’t work in the lock.”

Once it was established the house actually belonged to neighbour Lynne Berry, who was then on holiday, police arrested the defendant. Ms Beattie told the court that the two houses were almost identical.

And the defendant told the officers: “I’m not lying: I do have memory loss.”

Defending, Bob Toppin said: “This is a bit of an unusual case. Most people commit criminal damage because they’re angry, upset or want to spite somebody. But it was dark and both properties look very similar indeed.”

Mr Toppin added that Conway takes prescription tablets due to lack of oxygen to the brain. He said: “It may have been a combination of the tablets and drink. He gets on extremely well with his neighbour and has shown genuine remorse as he has apologised a number of times.”

Conway was handed a 12-month conditional discharge and ordered to pay £230 compensation, £35 costs and a £15 victim surcharge.