Man threatened to blow up DW Stadium

The DW Stadium
The DW Stadium

A mentailly ill man who threatened to blow up Wigan’s DW Stadium has appeared in court.

In the week of the Brussels terror atrocities, Michael Seabury admitted harassment without violence before Wigan magistrates and was released on conditional bail, to return following a pre-sentence report on April 14.

Sarah Perkins, prosecuting, said that between February 2 and 11, the 40-year-old, who has previous convictions, made threatening phone calls and visited DW Stadium to harass staff members Andrew Birch and Deborah Smith on several occasions.

Ms Perkins said; “The complaint is very serious and has had a significant impact on his victims.

“The defendant called them repeatedly over a period of time, making threats to blow up DW Stadium, amongst other serious threats, causing the staff members a significant amount of distress.

“At the time he had been sectioned under the Mental Health Act and was under assessment. He has been given section 17 leave.”

Seabury is currently a resident at Hollins Park Hospital in Whiston.

Louise Barrow, defending, said: “The defendant does have ongoing mental health problems and has been sectioned, so has support.

“I accept the threats caused distress. At the time he describes being in a state of psychosis and obsessed with the stadium. He has not been in contact since.”