Man used knife to attack partner

Jailed - Wayne McCracken
Jailed - Wayne McCracken

A PROLIFIC criminal, who violently attacked his on-off partner with a knife and a saucepan, just two days after leaving jail, has been put back behind bars.

Wayne McCracken, who has a history of attacking Susan Wilson, assaulted her again at her Wigan home, despite a court order banning him from molesting her.

Liverpool Crown Court heard the victim feared she was going to die.

Jailing him for two-and-a-half-years, Judge William George described it as “a sustained attack” during which two weapons were used. Such behaviour could have caused irreversible damage.

The judge imposed a five-year restraining order to keep away from Ms Wilson, who lives in Aspull.

Lianne Birkett, prosecuting, said the couple had a relationship for three years, during which time he had been sent to prison on numerous occasions for assaulting her and breaching restraining orders.

On July 14 this year, he rang to say he was being released after a suspended prison sentence. She agreed to meet him to give him his clothing and £20 from a Giro she had cashed for him.

He became aggressive but did not follow her home. The next evening she was walking down the stairs in her home, when she saw he had got into the house. He dragged her down the stairs by her hair.

“She went to the door and realised it had been bolted. She tried to open it but he kept dragging her back,” said Miss Birkett.

McCracken kept hitting Ms Wilson, who had realised he had got in through a kitchen window, and threatened to harm her son and mother.

He picked up a kitchen knife with a 4ins blade and, during the attack, she felt winded and wetness on her stomach, where it later transpired she had suffered a superficial knife wound.

McCracken picked up a milk pan and hit her repeatedly on the head. Her vision went blurred and she thought she would pass out, as her head was gushing with blood.

She managed to unbolt the door and ran into the street screaming for help. McCracken was seen strolling out and when a neighbour, who had come to her aid, asked what he had done, McCracken said, ‘why, what are you going to do?’.

The police were called and McCracken said: “I have just stabbed my girlfriend. I’m going back to prison for this” and showed blood on his hands.

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