Mass brawl after charity boxing match

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NEIGHBOURS cowered in terror as the aftermath of a Wigan charity boxing match turned into a mass street brawl.

Dozens of punters, many the worse for drink, came to blows in the streets of Hindley which shattered the Sunday afternoon peace.

Numerous parked cars were also damaged in the riot and residents fled to lock themselves indoors as police were called to sort out the violence.

Those involved were spectators from a boxing event in aid of the British Heart Foundation at the Monaco ballroom who spilled out onto nearby First Avenue just before 5pm.

Colin Barnes, who lives on the street, said: “It was terrible. I’m a big bloke and I can handle myself but I was so intimidated.

“People were locking their front doors and running through to their back yards – it was absolutely disgusting.

“People were spilling outside with their drinks in their hands and then it all kicked off.”

His wife Marlene added: “It was absolutely horrific. A number of cars were damaged and because the culprits weren’t caught. People will now have to claim for the repairs from their own insurance.

“I’d estimate there were nearly 100 people fighting out there, it was utter chaos.

“There were children out playing on the street and the parents had to hurry out to bring them in.”

Neighbour Kathleen Nolan told how just 10 minutes earlier she had been taking her great-grandaughter home and on her way back, got caught up in the brawl.

“It was like a stampede,” she explained. “I was just parking my car around the front and there were so many people just running outside.

“I was at the top of my street and a car reversed into me with some speed.

“I got out and I couldn’t believe how many people I saw, not everyone was fighting but a lot of them were.

“There is now blood at the front of my house – I was so very afraid, it really shook me up. My great-granddaughter could so easily have been caught up in it had I taken her home slightly later.”

Police have said they were called to the scene following reports of people fighting in the streets, however no arrests were made.

A spokesman said: “Just after 4.50pm on Sunday June 19, police were called to First Avenue, Hindley following reports there were people fighting on the street.

“On arrival, officers found a large group of people on the street. No complaints were made of assault and no arrests were made. Inquiries are on-going.”

Rose Leisure, who own the Monaco ballrooms have said they would work with local residents to find a solution to the matter.

They have also admitted they are reviewing holding similar events in the future.

The night itself, which was said to go really well, was a fundraiser with proceeds going to the BHF.

Gary Tyrer, a director of Rose Leisure, said: “It’s a real shame because the event itself went fantastically well.

“From what I have heard it was a scuffle involving a few people that had been taken outside.

“I want to speak with the local residents as they are my main concerns. I wasn’t there though and need to establish all the facts myself.

“We will review whether or not we will hold these events again in the future. We are trying to being different events for different people and I believe the fight went down really well so it’s a shame.”