Mayor of Wigan diagnosed with breast cancer

Mayor Coun Phyll Cullen at the cenotaph
Mayor Coun Phyll Cullen at the cenotaph

THE Mayor of Wigan Phyll Cullen will be taking a break from her mayoral duties after being diagnosed with breast cancer.

The Mayor will not be attending engagements from Monday, November 24, when she will have a mastectomy after doctors found two tumours following a routine mammogram.

The 65-year-old was told the devastating news the day after her husband Terry’s funeral.

The Mayor said: “When I went for the results it was the day after Terry’s funeral and I was told there were two cancers.

“I had gone for a mammogram and I almost didn’t go because Terry was having treatment, I went on the spur of the moment.

“I still can’t take it in with Terry’s sudden death and especially as I didn’t have any symptoms like lumps – it was just like a bombshell. All this came within two weeks.

“As Terry was having an autopsy I was having a biopsy because they found the cancer.”

The Mayor praised the swift help she received at The Thomas Linacre Centre and thanked the support she and children John and Trish have had from the public after Terry’s sudden death.

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