Meal served in Wigan supermarket goes viral

A customer's photo of a meal he purchased in a Wigan supermarket cafe has gone viral after it was uploaded to social media.

Thomas Hesketh cooked up a storm on social media after posting an image of a plate of Eggs Benedict, which he ordered in the cafe at Wigan's Tesco store in Central Park Way - a dish he said cost him £5.

In the tweet to Tesco, he wrote: "Ordered eggs Benedict in your Wigan cafe and received this monstrosity."

It has been retweeted more than 2,500 times and has garnered more than a thousand comments, with most of them being particularly tongue-in-cheek.

The dish traditionally consists of English muffins topped with ham and poached eggs, then coated in Hollandaise sauce.

But Twitter user Karl Downey said Tesco's offering more closely resembled a "blob of mayonnaise with salad cream on ham," while someone else described it as looking like "two scoops of ice cream on processed ham."

The Eggs Benedict served in Wigan. Photo by Thomas Hesketh

The Eggs Benedict served in Wigan. Photo by Thomas Hesketh

"This has to be the most vile thing I've ever seen!" Ellie O'Mara said.

Another Twitter user remarked that Thomas shouldn't be surprised to have received the meal when asking for Eggs Benedict in a supermarket.

He said: "Ask for a butter pie in New York and you'll probably get something just as bad."

Mark Allatt commented: "It's like Peter Mandelson ordering what he thought was guacamole in Hartlepool and getting mushy peas!" referring to the former Labour minister's infamous faux pas while on the campaign trail.

How traditional Eggs Benedict should look

How traditional Eggs Benedict should look

Thomas revealed that he has complained to the store after receiving the disappointing food, and that staff had offered to cook him a fresh meal, but that “it would be the same.”

Wigantoday has asked Tesco for comment.