Medics: Get walking to beat diabetes

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WIGANERS are being urged to walk for at least 15 minutes a day to ward off the threat of type-2 diabetes.

A study has found that post-meal walks control blood sugar as well as one long walk and the Diabetes UK charity has backed the findings.

The study was the first to test short bouts of exercise in the “risky period” following meals, when blood sugar can rise rapidly, lead author Loretta DiPietro said.

She said high blood sugar after meals was a key risk factor in the progression from impaired glucose tolerance - what the study called “pre-diabetes” – to type-2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease. The study found three 15-minute walks were as effective at reducing blood sugar over a 24-hour period as one 45-minute walk of the same “easy-to-moderate” pace.

Dr Kate Ardern, executive director for public health for the borough of Wigan, said: “Diabetes is a long term condition that, if poorly managed, may result in long term illness or premature death.

“However, a healthier lifestyle that includes healthy eating, weight management and exercise can help reduce symptoms and prevent diabetes. A free NHS health check is available from local GPs.”