Men tell of beheading threat horror

Crime story
Crime story

TWO Wigan workers have told of their terror after a machete-wielding masked man threatened to behead them.

Danny Taylor and Nathaniel Holden, who managed to shake off their assailant after a car chase, are still unsure whether it was a road rage attack or an attempted robbery.

The pair were on their way to a plumbing job in Milton Keynes when they noticed that a blue Renault was tailgating their van.

The car then suddenly overtook them and swerved into their path, forcing them to brake heavily.

The stranger, who was of Asian appearance and wearing a balaclava, then got out of his vehicle and threatened to decapitate them with the machete he was brandishing.

They reversed at speed and while the man tried to follow them, they managed to give him the slip.

Danny, 27, and 28-year-old Nathaniel were on an assignment for Appley Bridge plumbing and heating firm Ground Heat Installations, when their terrifying ordeal took place.

Dad of one Danny said: “We had turned into an industrial estate and Nathaniel, who was driving, noticed the car behind us was almost touching us.

“Out of nowhere it came round the side and swerved in front of us, so it blocked the road off. The driver must have done a handbrake turn.

“He jumped out of the car with a machete and walked towards the driver’s side, shouting us to get out of the van.

“He waved the weapon about and held a knife to his neck saying he was going to chop our heads off,

“We locked the doors and reversed out as he tried to get in, smashing the van with his machete.

“We kept going, out onto a dual carriageway, and he followed us. Luckily we turned onto a junction and he missed it and we called the police.

“I was quite shaken up. It is a bit worrying because it could have happened to a woman on her own, or an elderly couple, who would not have known what to do.

“I don’t know what he wanted - either he wanted to steal the van or to cut our heads off.

“We had not had any arguments before - we had never seen him.”

The incident happened at around 11.30am on Thursday September 18 in Stadium Way West, in Milton Keynes.

The car was either a blue Renault Clio or Scenic.

A spokesman for Thames Valley Police confirmed they had received a call about the incident and the offender is described as an Asian male in his 30s.

He said: “The crime has been recorded as criminal damage as the man hit the van with a machete.”

The police is now appealing for witnesses. If anyone has information call 101 and ask for Thames Valley Police.