Men in uniform a turn-on? Forget it!

Most Wigan women find blokes in a uniform a turn-off, so exploding a long-peddled myth.

Wednesday, 8th March 2017, 6:15 am
Updated Friday, 24th March 2017, 11:01 am
Do you like a man in uniform?

In fact both the lads and the girls locally seem to prefer to see the opposite sex in casualwear a la Geordie Shore, according to a survey.

The cheeky study of Wigan dating app style put popular trends to the public vote to reveal what really gets those fingers swiping right. And it concluded that:

l It’s a myth women like a man in uniform - despite all the pulse-racing furore that blew up around the striptease movie hit The Full Monty 20 years ago, with fewer than one in 10 women from Wigan saying it’s their favourite type of style on a man (nine per cent);

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l Wigan lads think they will get the most matches wearing blue (35 per cent) or black (29) and not at all in yellow, with the colour being the least popular with men (0.56 per cent); and

l One in three Wigan guys saying that they find a potential partner most attractive in casual attire.

Research by menswear retailer Reem Clothing asked Wigan men and women what looks they preferred to see in a potential online dating match’s profile picture and also discovered that a surprising 38 per cent of women preferred a man dressed down in jeans and a T-shirt, citing that they were more attracted to a man in a casual style of clothing than any other.

When it comes to how Wigan men wear their clothes, 54 per cent admit that they feel most confident when in a slim or straight fit. Which is lucky, as it seems women agree, preferring a slim fit on a man, with 40 per cent saying it was their favourite look.

When the question was asked of the Wigan men, 33 per cent perhaps surprisingly said that they also preferred women who had a more relaxed look, finding more casual outfits the most attractive. But not too casual: nearly 30 per cent said joggers and hoodies are off-putting when worn by the opposite sex.

Cheekily, an additional 12 per cent still opted for a woman in uniform. But for the ladies, a little black dress still makes them feel most attractive.

One in three women admitting they feel sexiest in black as long as it isn’t too tight: only three per cent saying they want a fit that shows off all their curves.

Reem director Simon Cohen said: “We find that these statistics really give us an insight into our target audience and the guys that shop with us.”