Metallica send video to brave teen Tyler

Rock legends Metallica have sent a special message to a borough schoolboy battling brain tumours.

Wednesday, 9th August 2017, 10:39 am
Updated Monday, 11th September 2017, 12:41 pm
Metallica in the video for Tyler

The band recorded a video sending their love to 13-year-old Tyler Yates and said he was in their “thoughts and prayers”.

Tyler is a massive fan of Metallica, but does not yet know if he will be able to see the band when they perform at the Manchester Arena in October.

He was delighted when the video was sent on Monday.

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Metallica in the video for Tyler

His mum Pam, from Leigh, said: “It was amazing to hear them say his name. Knowing it was directed at him was amazing. His face was beaming.”

Bedford High School pupil Tyler has always loved music and Mrs Yates believes his enjoyment of Metallica dates back to before he was born.

She felt him “squirming around” when other bands were performing at a concert while she was pregnant, but he became still when Metallica took to the stage.

Mrs Yates said: “I was six months pregnant with Tyler and I went to Dublin to watch them. He loved it.”

Tyler, 13, left, and wearing a Metallica T-shirt as a youngster, right

As well as listening to their music, Tyler has worn Metallica T-shirts since he was a baby.

Tyler was initially diagnosed with a brain tumour on his first birthday.

He has undergone several operations and courses of radiotherapy and chemotherapy, but the tumours continued to grow.

Doctors found a tumour on his brain stem in January, which was pressing on the nerves on the right-hand side of his body, and another tumour was found in July.

Metallica in the video for Tyler

Now his family is waiting to hear whether he will be accepted for a drug trial at Alder Hey Children’s Hospital in Liverpool. In the meantime, Tyler and his family have just enjoyed a holiday in Europe.

They went to Paris, Rome, Rapallo, Portofino, Monte Carlo and Nice.

Mrs Yates said: “It was amazing. Each place had its own different part that we all enjoyed.

“Tyler wants to go back to Rome. He loved the hotel and the people and the food.”

Tyler, 13, left, and wearing a Metallica T-shirt as a youngster, right

A fund-raising appeal was set up earlier this year in case Tyler needed to go to the USA for treatment.

Some of that money was used to pay for the holiday, with the rest going to charities SuperJosh and Max In A Million to help other children. Mrs Yates said: “For every single person who has done anything, raised money and helped to fund these things, I want to say a massive thank you to them all.”

Several fund-raisers have been held, with the next big event being an evening of glitz and glamour at Tyler’s Leigh Vegas Night.

There will be casino tables, Elvis show and three-course meal at Leigh Sports Village on Friday, September 1. For tickets or to find out more, go to

Mrs Yates and colleagues at Contour hair salon in Leigh will take part in the inaugural Leigh 10k on Sunday.

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