Miracle youngster Evan is preparing for school

Evan and Tanya
Evan and Tanya

A WIGAN miracle youngster who has battled the odds throughout his life after being born premature is looking forward to his first day at school.

Evan Holden, from Higher Ince, will have his first day in the classroom at Ince CE Primary School on September 3, which is also his fifth birthday.

Evan going to school is really exciting for all the family because we didn’t think he would get this far at all

Mum Tanya

It is an occasion his parents Tanya and James, of Anderton Street, feared they might never see after Evan was born weighing just 1lb 7oz 16 weeks before he was due to be born which required a four-month stay in intensive care.

Although he pulled through his difficult start to life the plucky youngster’s struggles are not over as he was diagnosed with an incurable respiratory condition in February which requires surgery every eight weeks on growths on his vocal cords.

Mum Tanya, 33, said: “Evan going to school is really exciting for all the family because we didn’t think he would get this far at all.

“He can’t wait to start school, he asks me almost every day when he can start going. He’s really looking forward to it.

“He wasn’t really in hospital much like a lot of premature babies are, he’s done really well. He’s always going to have little illness problems but we’re made up he’s got to where he has.

“The respiratory condition is something which attacks his airways. His voice was very deep and hoarse and we told the doctors we wanted it looking at even though we were told it was due to him being ventilated for so long.

“They used a camera and they did the first operation there and then.

“He’s now had four since February and every time he’s fine until it’s due again, when he struggles to get words out.

“It’s hard for us but it doesn’t seem to bother Evan. I’m glad it’s not playing on his mind.”

Although being born more than three months early meant Evan came into the world without eyelashes, eyebrows or fully-formed ears, Tanya says he has experienced little handicap in his overall development following his tricky start to life.

Evan’s family currently have no long-term prognosis for his health, with doctors warning the respiratory condition could slow down or get worse when he hits puberty.

In the mean time, however, Tanya says they are looking forward to supporting him through his first days at school, with the family picking Ince CE because Evan’s older brother Ellis, six, already attends.

He also has a three-year-old sister Elvie and a younger brother Errol, one, and Tanya says he has grown into an energetic and cheeky little boy with a love of superheroes.

She said: “We don’t look back, it’s too hard seeing the pictures because it brings up memories of him being resuscitated. I don’t like to dwell on it, you’ve just got to get on with it and focus on what he’s doing now.

“Evan’s very mischievous, he’s a typical little boy.

“He’s obsessed with superheroes such as Captain America and Iron Man, we have to tell him all the food he eats is what his favourite characters have.”