Mixed reaction to new traffic lights

The new junction at Marus Bridge in now in use - the roundabout has been removed and replaced by traffic lights
The new junction at Marus Bridge in now in use - the roundabout has been removed and replaced by traffic lights

THERE’S been a mixed reaction to new traffic lights at a major Wigan junction.

After months of work, the new system has been installed on time, replacing the old Marus Bridge roundabout.

It means that the junction is now traffic-light controlled for the first time.

During the transition, commuters have been hit by heavy delays in the area with a number of complicated diversions put in place.

As a result, a lot of people questioned whether the move was worth it with many commenting on how they saw no problem with the roundabout in place.

With the lights having been in operation for a week now, the Evening Post took to Facebook to ask how road users were finding the junction and r it’s fair to say the response was somewhat mixed.

While many thought traffic flow had improved as a result, others disagreed and believe that the change was not needed.

Stewart Monks said: “Was this the plan? Make things so bad for 20 weeks whilst work was carried out to make us think the finished product is good because we’d forgotten how good the roundabout was before any work began?

“If so you may have fooled some but there was nothing wrong with the traffic system beforehand, and plenty wrong with it now!”

Katrina Robinson said: “As I predicted, it can not handle high volumes of traffic.

“On Friday when people were leaving work early on half days, the traffic was queueing from there all up Warrington Road, all along the slip road onto the M6.

“As soon as you got past the ‘roundabout’ traffic was perfectly clear. Also, the filter lanes to turn left or right are incredibly short and get blocked by cars queuing to go straight.”

Nicola Blackhurst pointed out one issue she had found which she believes could be dangerous.

She said: “Two lanes got into one from the lights going up towards Sainsbury’s, no warning signs so dangerous.”

However, a number of people did react positively to the changes that have been made.

Ieva Prescott said: “I personally find it a lot better coming from work at 5.30pm, straight through no problems at all.”

Angie Greenall said: “I drive around Wigan all day with my job using the island at diffrent times of the day.

“Like before when it was a roundabout you get the busy times and the quieter times.

“As a general rule, it’s quite easy and quick so I’m quite happy with it considering I can use it many many times a day on my rounds.”

Darren Atherton wrote: “Been through at rush hour and at other times. It’s much better.”

Lisa Williams sat on the fence though, saying: “A truer picture may emerge come the first week in January .”