Mobility scooter road safety fear

News story
News story

POLCE are warning Wigan road users to be scooter safe following an increase in fatalities.

In the last five months alone there have been four fatalities in Greater Manchester involving mobility scooters. There were no fatalities in the three years prior to this.

Chief Insp Rachel Buckle from GMP’s Serious Collision Unit said: “As the popularity of mobility scooters rises, so too have the number of fatalities and we are concerned this could continue if people don’t take better care on the roads.

“Mobility scooters offer users a lifeline to the outside world and are an excellent way of retaining freedom and independence but sadly four people have lost their lives in the last few months and we don’t want any other family having to go through the same. Mobility scooter users should familiarise themselves with the Highway Code and obey traffic lights and other road signals and plan their journey ahead to avoid having to negotiate rush hour traffic and busy roads and junctions.

“Motorists should be mindful of mobility scooter riders, particularly as the weather improves, and allow plenty of room when passing.”

Karen Delaney from Drivesafe said: “We would encourage all mobility scooter users to make sure that they are visible by wearing something bright and making sure the lights are in good working order. When manoeuvring at junctions and crossing the road extra care and time should be taken to allow to cross safely.”

Top tips for mobility scooter users include:

l If using a powered vehicle for the first time, or if it is a while since you have driven on the road, familiarise yourself with the Highway Code;

l Ask your retailer to demonstrate how your scooter works and make sure you are familiar with the controls before you go out;

l Keep the battery fully charged and get to know how far your scooter can go before it will need recharging;

l Never drive your vehicle if you are impaired by the use of alcohol, drugs or medication.