Month of traffic chaos as roadwork problems start

The work being carried out at the Boars Head roundabout
The work being carried out at the Boars Head roundabout
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RESIDENTS in Standish have had to get used to their share of traffic problems over the years but this month is particularly hectic.

The village has seen a growing number of roadworks in the past few months with more planned in the coming weeks.

The works on the A49 are essential planned maintenance works by Electricity North West

Mark Tilley - assistant director of infrastructure Wigan Council

Electricity North West began work last Thursday close to the Boars Head round about with temporary signals put in place during off-peak tines until March 28, resulting in a backlog of traffic.

This has also resulted in a build-up in traffic through Shevington and Standish Lower Ground during busy periods as commuters found alternative routes to the town centre.

Council bosses have also warned that in order for the work near the Boars Head roundabout to be carried out within the given timescales, this may necessitate some evening work but noise levels will be kept to a minimum.

United Utilities will also be carrying out work to replace a dangerous manhole frame and cover on Wigan Road near to Kingshill Court during off-peak times on Thursday March 26. To carry out this work safely, temporary traffic signals will be in operation.

Elsewhere, BT will be carrying out work from opposite on Chorley Road opposite the junction with Water Drive to clear underground cable ducts from Monday March 30 to Wednesday April 1. They will be using temporary traffic signals to carry out the work.

The following Sunday, they will carry out work on the same road at the junction of Rectory Lane to permanently reinstate the carriageway with temporary traffic lights in use once again.

They will then move to near the junction with Devon Drive to permanently reinstate recent works there.

Next month BT will also work at the junction with Red Rock Lane to unblock a duct for two days from Tuesday April 7.

And on Tuesday April 17, they will be working to clear ducts on Wigan Road, near to Mere Oaks.

The work will be carried out during the off peak period and will require the use of temporary traffic signals.

Towards the back end of the month, they will move onto the Boars Head roundabout between April 21 and 23.

Mark Tilley, assistant director of infrastructure at Wigan Council, said: “The works on the A49 are essential planned maintenance works by Electricity North West (ENW). There were some issues on Thursday with the temporary traffic signals but these have been resolved and ENW have committed to remove the signals during peak travel periods.

Residents can view all planned maintenance in this area and across Greater Manchester through”