Monty Dogg saves Christmas in new book

Four-legged charity hero Monty Dogg is back in action this festive season after releasing a new children's Christmas tale.

Friday, 7th December 2018, 1:23 pm
Updated Friday, 7th December 2018, 2:30 pm
Monty, the Newfoundland dog with owner Mark Sanders
Monty, the Newfoundland dog with owner Mark Sanders

‘Monty and friends save Christmas’ is the fourth book released starring the star pooch, and is the first Christmas book written by owner Mark Sanders, from Hawkley Hall.

Monty rose to fame thanks to his huge fund-raising efforts for the Poppy Appeal and Shoulder to Soldier, which are still ongoing.

The book is set in Wigan (or Wigwam, as Monty would pronounce it), where Santa Claus’ mission to deliver presents around the world is rudely halted when Monty’s youngest canine sister Cookie mistakes him for an imposter, before promptly beating him up.

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Monty Dogg posing with a sign promoting his first Christmas book

Spooked by the ordeal, Santa’s reindeers run away in fright, leaving Monty, Cookie and Spaniel siblings Molly, Poppy and Bailey with the task of pulling Santa’s sleigh so Christmas can once again be brought to Wigan.

The 36-page paperback book is a combination of text and large cartoon illustrations of champion Monty and his dog family.

The story uses the hypothetical “rainbow bridge” location to help children better understand grief surrounding the death of a pet.

In the book, dogs from rainbow bridge come and help Monty and his family to pull Santa’s sleigh, after they initially struggle alone.

Mr Sanders, explaining the book’s message, said: “Although reviews have shown that it has been bringing tears to peoples’ eyes, it is a really uplifting story.

“Rainbow bridge refers to the common phrase we use when we lose a pet, and say ‘they have crossed the rainbow bridge’, which is a nice way to view the sad news of losing a pet.

“Children reading this will hopefully see how it is all about cherishing the memories of our animals, and that they can take comfort in the idea of a place where their pet is happy.

“It is also demonstrating friends helping each other in a time of need, which is so important for little ones to understand - not only this time of year but all the time.”

There is regular rhyme scheme throughout the entirety of the book, which Mr Sanders also explained was a method which gave the book its uplifting mood.

The book is available to purchase directly from owner Mark Sanders at with a request for a Monty “paw-tograph”.