More work on blackspot road junction

The junction at Marus Bridge
The junction at Marus Bridge

More roadworks will be carried out this weekend at an accident-prone Wigan junction.

There have been many complaints about Marus Bridge crossroads since it was converted from a roundabout in a £1.4m redevelopment last year.

Crashes are regularly reported there, with changes recently made to the traffic lights and road markings for drivers turning right from Warrington Road to Highfield Grange Avenue.

Now Wigan Council is looking at the approach to the junction from Poolstock Lane, revising the markings on Poolstock Lane on Saturday and Sunday to allow more vehicles to turn left onto Warrington Road. This is aimed at improving traffic flow and reducing queuing, rather than tackling collisions.

Mark Tilley, council assistant director for infrastructure, said: “As with all new schemes we are continuously monitoring and assessing how the junction is working. We are in regular contact with the local ward councillors who report any issues to us and give us resident feedback. We are hopeful that in increasing the left-turn lane from Poolstock Lane onto Warrington Road it will alleviate some of the traffic on Poolstock Lane and improve journey times for commuters travelling out of the borough.”

Some minor work is already being done, including re-profiling a section of Highfield Grange Avenue where drives have reported a sharp bump and resurfacing a pothole on Warrington Road.