Mother is jailed for burglary

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A HEARTLESS woman, who callously burgled the home of a former neighbour while she was visiting her sick partner in hospital, has been jailed for 10 months.

Liverpool Crown Court heard that mother-of-three Kelly Bradbury and two unknown accomplices watched as their vicim left her home in Laithwaite Road, Worsley Hall, on Tuesday August 30.

When the householder returned she found her home ransacked and property, including a TV, had been stolen, said prosecutor Harry Pepper.

Jailing the mother-of-three, Recorder John Benson said that she herself had described the victim as “a friend.” He added: “This was a mean, nasty offence. I am told you are ashamed and embarrassed and so you should be.”

He pointed out that the victim had not been having the best of days as someone had smashed a window at her home and her partner was in hospital. She returned home and found her day “had got 10 times worse”.

Bradbury, of Belvedere Place, Worsley Mesnes, pleaded guilty to burglary, two shoplifting offences and had eight other offences taken into consideration.

Paul Bryning, defending, said that Bradbury had drink and drug problems, adding that she had been frank with police and assisted with the location of some of the stolen items. He said: “She is easily influenced by others more criminally sophisticated.

“She describes the neighbour as a friend and feels deeply ashamed and embarrassed.

“She has previous convictions but none for burglary and after being released after her last conviction she slipped back into her old habits and problems with drugs and alcohol.”

He said that her three young children are in care and about to be put up for adoption and urged the judge not to jail her as this could jeopardise her chance of getting her children back.

The judge said that he had no doubt that when she appeared before magistrates earlier this year she had said the same thing about her children.