Mother killed by deadly cocktail

A cocktail of drugs and drink caused the death of a Wigan mum.

An inquest heard that mother-of-two Kerry Lloyd, 24, had taken methadone, cocaine, tranquilizers and anti-depressants and drank lager and cider on the night before she was found dead at a friend's flat in Worsley Mesnes on November 3 last year.

The former Standish High School pupil had moved into a flat in Belvedere Place, Worsley Mesnes, just days before she died and had been drinking with a neighbour, methadone user Paul Marsay, in his flat downstairs from her own.

Marsay said: "On the night she died, she went out to buy some valium and we were drinking in my flat, but I never saw her take any of the tablets or any other drugs.

"I didn't notice that any methadone was gone from my bottles."

Katherine Lloyd, Kerry's mum, broke down in the stand as she gave her evidence.

She said: "If she hadn't gone to that flat she'd still be alive."

Proceedings were dramatically halted as the pathologist gave evidence that methadone was in her system. The court was adjourned for five minutes after an outburst by Kerry's mother, but continued after she privately talked to the police officer on her daughter's case.

The pathologist recorded the primary cause of death as methadone toxicity, which was at the lower end of fatal levels, and a contributing factor as the aggravating effects of the other drugs.

Statements from Kerry's GP said she had had a problem with alcohol and had made a "cry for help" suicide attempt in 2007.

Deputy coroner Alan Walsh recorded a verdict of accidental death.