Mother’s terror as child dies

A CHINESE woman spoke of her terrifying ordeal of not being able to communicate that her child was dying, an inquest has heard.

Speaking through her interpreter, Mei Chen, of Warrington Road, Goose Green, told deputy coroner Alan Walsh how she desperately tried to tell her neighbour that her 17-month-old daughter, Si Si Lin, was severely ill.

She explained that in the evening of Monday, February 14, she noticed purple patches on Si Si’s body.

Miss Chen, who also has a four-year-old daughter, said: “I was shocked and panicked. I rang my husband, Xiang Lin, to call an ambulance. I was worried it would arrive too late so I carried Si Si to next door to ask for help.” She added that Si Si struggled to eat and was failing to put on weight.

A statement from neighbour, Laura Croft, read: “I heard a high pitched and panicked scream and five minutes later there was a banging at the door.

“A Chinese lady was stood there upset and seemed to be in a panic. She gestured to the baby in her arms, holding out her mobile phone.

“I dialled 999, but it would not connect.

“I sensed we needed to get to the hospital quickly as the baby was looking very ill, so I decided to take her to hospital myself,”

The ambulance met the car on the way and Si Si was taken to Wigan infirmary, where she died shortly afterwards.

Dr Gauri Batra, consultant histopathologist at Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital, revealed the cause of death was a common infection in her tissues, known as hemolytic group A streptococcal sepsis, which is characterised by a sore throat and scarlet fever.

She said: “It was an extremely severe infection and spread quite quickly.

“It releases toxins which causes the body to shut down.

“It is a naturally occurring disease, spread through droplets in sneezing, and a natural cause of death.”

Mr Walsh concluded that Si Si died of natural causes.

He said: “I am satisfied that the parents could not have done anything to prevent Si Si’s death.”