Motorists are taking it slowly

Traffic jams at Ashton to and from the M6 Motorway at junction 25
Traffic jams at Ashton to and from the M6 Motorway at junction 25
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DRIVERS in Wigan are among the slowest in the country, according to a survey of almost 60,000 car owners shows.

The town comes seventh in the list of the top 10, according to the survey by

The exact reasons as to why Wigan drivers are slow is unspecified but a notoriously congested road system could have something to do with it.

Or, it could just be that Wiganers are very careful motorists. Car owners living in the Greater Manchester town of Cheadle are said to be the drivers most in love with their cars.

Pickering in North Yorkshire, Ellesmere Port, Middlesbrough and Dover are also named as places where people are happiest with their cars when asked to review them on various factors such as comfort, reliability and whether they would recommend to others.

St Helens, Maidstone and Runcorn joined towns and cities such as Newcastle, Chatham and Altrincham as places that have the least liked cars, the survey suggests, with more negative reviews of almost every make and model of car sold originating from these locations than almost anywhere else in the UK.

Around 58,000 car owners in the UK were asked to review their cars online and describe their relationship with their vehicles.