Motorists assured traffic issue resolved

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News story

MOTORISTS have been assured there will be no more rush hour queues on a main Wigan road after a minor electronic fault was resolved.

Throughout this past week, many drivers have been late for work or errands after an unusual build-up of traffic in Standish Lower Ground.

Those travelling on Wigan Lower Road had to add half an hour onto their journey after they were subject to horrendously long queues during peak times.

One driver, who did not wish to be named, said: “For the past two days I have been stuck in long queues as cars have been crawling from Shevington Lane, all the way down through Old Road and Wigan Lower Road, right the way through to the Beech Hill crossroads.

“I expected there to be some roadworks or something but once I got past St Anne’s Primary School it finally got clear.

“I thought it may be something to do with driver behaviour and the icy weather, and was a one-off but two days in a row is ridiculous.

“I am just confused as to why there is so much slow traffic there now.

“It caused me to be extremely late for work on both days.”

But council officials have now said the flow of traffic should return to normal now that an issue with a pedestrian crossing control button was fixed.

The pelican crossing outside of St Anne’s Primary School had become stuck in the cold weather.

It has been blamed as the principal cause of the tailbacks, particularly during workday mornings.

A spokesman for Wigan Council said: “The issue with the crossing has now been resolved.”

But if cold weather was the cause of the sticking button then the risk could be high again as a severe weather warning was issued over temperatures plunging well below freezing across large swathes of the UK this week.

Beleaguered motorists have already had to put up with long queues on the other side of Wigan thanks to roadworks in Whelley.