Motorway window smash terror

Peter Griffin's car windscreen was hit by a brick on the M6
Peter Griffin's car windscreen was hit by a brick on the M6
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A Wigan family narrowly avoided a horrible motorway accident after a brick was dropped on their car from a bridge above.

Peter Griffin was driving towards Ashton on the M6 southbound when an object struck the windscreen of his car on the passenger side of his Nissan Note, leaving a huge crack across the glass.

Someone could have been killed

Peter Griffin

“As were approaching the slip road, there was a bridge,” Peter said.

“As we went under it, there was a massive thud. Luckily the glass didn’t break, but it was completely cracked.”

Peter was travelling with his wife Sonia and his two daughters Kelly and Tara, who recalled seeing two youths on the bridge above.

Fortunately, nobody was injured during the incident which happened last Thursday evening, but the situation left the Orrell family understandably shaken.

“My wife was quite shocked because it hit right in front her,” Peter said.

“Our dog, Grizzly, was barking and going mad. Once we all calmed down and realised everyone was okay, we realised how bad it could have been.”

Peter was left incensed by the reckless act, stating: “I was in the mood to go back and confront them, but of course they were long gone. The police can’t do a lot to trace them because there are no cameras or other witnesses.”

As well as the close call, Peter was left out of pocket after having to rent a car and pay for repairs.

The 55-year-old forklift truck driver added: “Someone could have been killed.

“The motorway was quite busy ahead of the Easter weekend. I could have swerved the wrong way and hit another vehicle and caused a pile up.

“We’re lucky it didn’t strike my side of the car because I wouldn’t have been able to see where I was going.”

Despite admitting there was little chance of catching those responsible, Peter wanted to reach out to the culprits and make them realise the serious implications of what they were doing.

“I hope they realise how stupid they were,” he said.

“If you’re prepared to do this, you should be prepared to face the consequences.

“They looked like they might be teenagers. At that age, I would have been scared of my dad, let alone the police!

“If they did it again and the results are worse, they could be in court for manslaughter. Next time, someone might not be so lucky.”