MP steps in after foul smell causes misery for residents

A general view of Grove Road, Up Holland where residents have complained about a foul smell in the area
A general view of Grove Road, Up Holland where residents have complained about a foul smell in the area

Residents up in arms about the state of a street and a foul smell in their neighbourhood are having their concerns investigated by an MP.

West Lancashire parliamentary representative Rosie Cooper has been responding to frustrations about a collapsed wall and noxious odours on Grove Road in Up Holland.

Political intervention was requested after residents grew concerned about the fallen wall and the impact on the highway of barriers placed around the debris.

And Ms Cooper says she may now have identified who is responsible for the issues.

Following her inquiries it appears Up Holland Parish Council could be the responsible owners of the wall.

The information came from the town hall in Wigan after Lancashire County Council (LCC) said it was monitoring the integrity of the collapsed structure but had no authority to carry out repairs without the owner’s consent.

However, the Preston-based county council has inspected and cleaned the gullies and deduced the unpleasant aroma comes from the drain which is attached to United Utilities infrastructure.

The design of the gully will now be altered to replace the old drain currently in place, but work will not begin before April.

Ms Cooper said: “The collapse of the wall is impacting on the highway and causing safety concerns for drivers, as well as pedestrians with the integrity of the remaining wall in question.

“Records of who the responsible landowner and authority is appear to be difficult to come by, but the latest suggest that responsibility will fall to Up Holland Parish Council.

“I will continue to monitor the situation and push for swift remedial and clearance works to be carried out on the wall for the safety of residents and drivers.

“Residents have also complained about the foul smell emitting locally and LCC have inspected the drains and agreed to consider changing the design of the gully.”