Multiple arrests in drink-drive campaign

Don't drink and drive - simple
Don't drink and drive - simple

THE annual crackdown on drink-driving in Wigan has led to scores of arrests with hundreds of motorists being breathalysed in the first two weeks of the campaign.

Police say some 129 people have been arrested for drink- driving in the first 16 days of the campaign which has targeted drivers in Wigan, Stockport and Media City.

Further to this officers have carried out 3,223 breath tests, which saw 129 people arrested for testing positive or refusing/failing the test.

Thirty two people tested positive following a collision while 97 were caught by officers carrying out breath tests at drink-drive check sites or while out on patrol.

Last month Greater Manchester Police launched its ‘None for the Road’ campaign in conjunction with DriveSafe and Greater Manchester Fire & Rescue Service.

Inspector Matt Bailey-Smith said: “The figures show that there are still far too many people risking their life for the sake of a drink.

“Our priority is to save lives and officers will continue to target people they suspect may be driving under the influence of drink or drugs, both on the way home from a night out and in the morning after.

“The message is simple – if you are having a drink then leave the car at home. Don’t ruin your Christmas, or somebody else’s because of something that could have been easily avoided.”

Group Manager Stuart Millington said: “We welcome this crackdown on drink-drivers and are right behind Greater Manchester’s Police’s None for the Road campaign.

“Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service rescues more people trapped in vehicles after crashes than from fires.

“Everyone likes to celebrate during the festive period, but drinking and driving is a deadly mix which can have devastating consequences.

“Our firefighters cut people out of vehicles every day and often they have life changing injuries. Please don’t be one of them – don’t drink and drive.”

Karen Delaney, communications officer at DriveSafe, said: “With all the socialising that the festive season brings, there can be an increased temptation for people to drink and drive. Of course we want people to have a merry Christmas, but this initiative is all about warning people about the consequences of getting ‘merry’ behind the wheel.”

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