Mum admits £20,000 fraud

Crime story
Crime story

A MUM has admitted to falsely claiming more than £20,000 in benefits by lying about her circumstances.

Marie Jolly, a mum-of-two from Atherton, pleaded guilty to seven counts of fraud between 2009 and 2012 at a hearing at Wigan and Leigh Magistrates’ Court on Monday (August 18).

The court heard how the Jolly, of Gadbury Fold, failed to notify Bolton Council, Wigan Council and the Department of Work and Pensions her change in circumstances after she began living with and eventually marrying her new partner.

After he moved in with her in 2009 they married in 2012 but Jolly continued to claim benefits totalling £20,103.34 by claiming she was single all along allowing her to claim various benefits.

Prosecuting Katie Beattie said Jolly knew she would have to notify the authorities but failed to do so, claiming she was still living as a lone parent.

Once questioned about the false claims Jolly initially denied that she was living with or even married to her partner.

It was only after evidence of the marriage certificate was produced did she admit the accusation.

The seven charges relate to dishonestly failing to notify the Department of Work and Pensions for social security benefit of her change of circumstances between June 15 2009 and March 16 2011. Also failing to notify Bolton Council for Council Tax, Housing Benefits and Job Seekers Allowance between August 3, 2099 and September 28, 2099.

The third count was for the same charges to Blackpool Council between August 23, 2010 and November 22, 2010.

In January 2011 there was a similar charge also from both Wigan Council.

The court was told how Jolly, who has no previous convictions and is known to have good character, had been suffering medically from the impact of the case. The 38-year-old is now taking sleeping tablets and anti-depressants.

Jolly is due back before to Wigan and Leigh Magistrates’ Court for sentencing on Tuesday August 26.