Mum and baby rescued from fire

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FIRE officers have urged residents to ditch their chip pans after a five-month-old baby suffered smoke inhalation after a blaze in Platt Bridge.

A 32-year-old woman and her child were taken to Wigan Infimary on Thursday night just after 10pm.

The blaze had started because the woman had put the pan on the cooker but was distracted by her child.

A fire crew from Hindley attended the scene on Neville Street. Watch manager Pete Johnson said the woman had been “very lucky”.

He said: “There were smoke alarms installed but the one in the kitchen did not have a battery in it.

“The woman suffered burns to her arm and right hand as she attempted to move the pan outside while it was alight. She was lucky the injuries were not any worse.

“We would urge people to ban the pan but in the event of a kitchen fire, if possible, turn off the heat, then close doors to the kitchen and get out of there and call us.”

Damage was caused to the cooker, two overheard units and the kitchen ceiling.

Coun David Acton, chairman of GMFRS authority, said: “We still get called to many chip pan fires and the results can be devastating. I really hope people will take action after reading this and throw away their chip pan.”