Mum’s anger at humongous parking fine

Lisa Bond and her daughter Harriett
Lisa Bond and her daughter Harriett
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AN ANGRY mum is urging shoppers to be aware of parking charges after being fined £150.

Lisa Bond was shopping at the Co-op supermarket at the Gerard Centre, Ashton, last week when she returned to her car to find a parking ticket.

The car park is run by Civil Enforcement Ltd and Lisa claims that there are not enough signs warning shoppers of the parking regulations.

Lisa, who regularly shops at the Co-op, said: “I was with my sister in law who is disabled and my eight month baby and we had a coffee and fed the baby in Ashton at these local shops, got a few bits of shopping then came home. I have since been sent a fine from Civil Enforcement Ltd for staying over two and a half hours for £150 or £75 if I pay within two weeks - I’m appalled.

“The sign to the car park says the names of all the shops and would lead us to believe it is for all the businesses but apparently it is the Co-op customers only car park.

“The car park has a few not very prominent signs up telling you parking is free but limited to two and a half hours. They do not say for Co-op customers only or that large charges apply if you go over. I didn’t notice them to be honest.”

The Co-op say that the parking arrangements are fair but say they will review cases if customers feel they have been unfairly treated.

A spokesman for Co-operative Food said: “A significant number of drivers were abusing the car park at our store in the Gerard Centre, parking for lengthy periods or even all day. Following complaints from a number of customers who found parking at the store difficult, we introduced restrictions, allowing customers to park their vehicles for up to two and a half hours.

“We believe the vast majority of our customers are in favour of the restrictions, which allow them to park and shop with ease. If a customer believes they have been charged unfairly they should contact our Customer Relations Team on 0800 0686 727 who will review their case.”

Civil Enforcement Ltd did not comment.