Mum’s fury as son is thrown off bus

Steven Bailey with his grandad Ian Collins and his bus pass
Steven Bailey with his grandad Ian Collins and his bus pass

A FURIOUS mum has blasted ticket inspectors after her disabled son was thrown off a bus after mistakenly showing them the wrong pass.

Beverley Shaw, from Hindley, is demanding action after the row involving her son, Steven Bailey, who suffers from intellectual disability Fragile X syndrome, on Saturday afternoon.

Steven, 23, was travelling on the 540 service with Beverley’s mum and her partner when an inspector and police officers boarded the bus at Ince and Steven accidentally showed them his carer’s ID instead.

Despite being backed up by the bus driver, who said Steven must have had a valid pass as it had correctly triggered the card reader when he boarded, the inspector forced him off the bus and told him he was travelling illegally.

Beverley, of Lancaster Road, is now demanding action over the way Steven was treated, saying the incident has badly affected her family.

Beverley, 48, said: “When the inspector boarded the bus my mum told Steven to get his pass out, but he got the wrong one out.

“The inspector shouted at him to take the card out of the wallet and the next thing that happened he told him to get off the bus. My mum apologised and told him to get the right one out.

“Steven got agitated and started swearing and it came to an argument, but the inspector kept saying he had to get off the bus. He then confiscated his work pass and said he would notify me.

“Steven can’t go anywhere on his own and has severe learning difficulties, so I think this is totally out of order.

“A lady on the bus said she was a teacher for adults with special education needs and told the conductor he was making things worse.

“People need to be educated and made aware about people with disabilities. This incident has made me very upset.”

Beverley says she has had a lot of support from other families of people with the condition through disability forums and websites.

Fragile X syndrome has a range of effects which can include being anxious around other people, memory problems and inattentiveness, as well as difficulties with language and making repetitive movements.

Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM), which employs ticket inspectors on the region’s buses, confirmed it had received a complaint and was speaking with route operator Stagecoach about the incident.

A TfGM spokesman said: “All our service inspectors are trained to the highest standards in customer care and specifically in how to help passengers who have a disability.

“We are currently working with the bus operator, Stagecoach Manchester, to investigate this matter following a complaint.”