Mum’s hit-and-run terror

Laithwaite Road, Wigan - the junction of Ridyard Street - the scene of a hit and run
Laithwaite Road, Wigan - the junction of Ridyard Street - the scene of a hit and run

A WIGAN woman told how she was moments away from being crushed by a speeding car in a terrifying hit-and-run smash.

Samantha Simpson watched in horror as a car crashed into a moving vehicle before colliding with her parked mobility car causing it to shunt 20ft up the road and wrecking it beyond compare.

It happened just minutes after she’d got out of her Ford Focus estate to take shopping bags into her home.

Now, the mortified 47-year-old is unable to take the severely disabled 20-year-old, who she cares for, to his vital activity sessions.

She said: “I’m still shaking from the whole incident, I was hysterical and just numb at the time. I haven’t been able to sleep and I just keep replaying the incident. It’s so scary to think that five minutes earlier I could have been in that car and that could have been me on the other side of the road.”

A driver and two passengers were travelling along Laithwaite Road, Worsley Hall, in a red Ford Fiesta at around 10pm when they collided a Vauxhall Corsa then Samantha’s car which she only bought eight months ago.

A man and a woman from the Corsa were taken to Wigan infirmary with a minor head and leg injury.

One young man handed himself into the police but two other occupants fled the scene.

Samantha explained she heard a loud bang followed by a car alarm which instantly made her think it was her vehicle.

She continued: “I looked out of the window and all I could see was this red car parked where mine should have been with smoke billowing everywhere.

“My car was half-way up the road and looked a wreck. The driver must have been going at a speed of about 80mph for the damage it caused. He is lucky to be alive.

“I didn’t get chance to see the people in the other car but I hope they’re okay.

“My son and daughter came straight away and helped me to take everything in. I must have looked like a 5ft 2ins demented woman taking the world on.

“I’m just so upset because without my car I won’t be able to take the boy I care for to his activity sessions which are in Skelmersdale. He doesn’t understand why we can’t go and I know he will become upset because he will get bored stuck in the house.

“I was also unable to take my 83-year-old mum to her eye appointment which was frightening for her because she needed eye drops which would have left her unable to see for a couple of hours.

“Who knows when I will be able to get a courtesy car. It’s horrendous and so annoying for me that this young driver was joyriding and it’s affected so many peoples lives.”

The driver of the Fiesta has been identified by the police and will be reported for motoring offences including driving without insurance.