Mum’s plea for stolen snaps

Helen Birch at The White Crow pub restaurant Chorley Road, Worthington.
Helen Birch at The White Crow pub restaurant Chorley Road, Worthington.

A WIGAN family is begging a thief to return a phone containing “priceless” memories of their late brother and son.

Landlady Helen Birch is appealing for the return of a phone belonging to her daughter, Jordan, who was celebrating her 18th birthday with friends in a town centre club, when her handbag was snatched from the dance floor just inches away from her.

Jordan chased the female thief into the ladies’ toilets who locked herself in a cubicle while she rifled keys, driver’s licence, ID, bank card, money, make-up and the iPhone.

She ignored student Jordan’s desperate pleas before crashing out of the cubicle, barging past her victim and the bouncers at The Hub Club in King Street before disappearing into the darkness.

The party was the first time Jordan, who lives at The White Crow country pub and restaurant in Worthington, had had a night out since the tragic death of her beloved brother Daniel, 23, in a road smash 12 weeks earlier.

And the phone contained a number of “totally irreplaceable” photos including the final messages the close pair sent between one another just hours before the fatal accident.

Police are now reviewing CCTV coverage at The Hub nightspot in an effort to try and trace the thief who was described as approximately 18 years old and of slight build with dark hair.

Her handbag was stolen at about 4.30am on Sunday morning.

Jordan’s distraught mum Helen, landlady at Chorley Road pub, has now had to change all the locks because the thief still has a ring containing their door keys.

She has sent the thief a heart-rending text message asking her to return the phone to Madison’s Bar on King Street – where Daniel worked – because of the massive sentimental value the photos and texts stored on it represent.

The phone itself is worthless to the thief because it is locked and inoperable.

Mrs Birch admitted that they have given up all hope or even desire of getting the other valuables back.

She said: “This phone means the world to us because it is our last link to our son and Jordan’s brother before he was killed in the car crash.

“This was the first time we have done anything since Daniel’s funeral and then it turns out like this.

“I get the feeling that these younger, less-desirable types know the law inside out and exploit the situation.

“The police were there quite quickly but even so she had already gone and Jordan is obviously really upset.

“I have sent a text message to the phone basically pleading with her, just saying, if you have this phone please hand it in to Madison’s, where Daniel used to work behind the bar.

“We are appealing to her better nature now she has had chance to think it through because the phone is locked and no use to her.

“We want the person who now has it to try to put themselves in our place and imagine what we are going through.”

Anyone with information about the theft should ring police on 101 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.