Mum’s quest to stop child abduction

Sarah Taylor near a portrait of daughter Nadia before they were reunited
Sarah Taylor near a portrait of daughter Nadia before they were reunited

A WIGAN mum who fought a brave campaign to bring her daughter home from Libya has launched an e-petition to prevent child abduction.

Sarah Taylor, from Hindley Green, was forced to fight for three years campaign to return her daughter Nadia to the UK after she was taken to North Africa by Sarah’s ex-husband Fawzi Abuarghub.

She is now campaigning to change the law to allow a block to be put on children’s passports which would prevent youngsters getting through UK airports in the event of separation, unless both parents agree.

She has launched an e-petition and is now battling to secure the 100,000 signatures needed to get the matter discussed in Parliament and prevent other parents going through the same nightmare ordeal.

Sarah, 36, said: “More children are going missing every year and the problem is increasing. Something needs to be put in place to stop our children leaving the country.

“I want to be able to place stop notices at airports, especially if there’s been a breakdown in a marriage.

“I’ve been through this myself and it’s not a nice thing to have done so I’m just trying to raise as much attention as I can.”

Sarah is being supported in her efforts to prevent abduction by Leigh MP Andy Burnham, who also helped her during the long years of trying to bring Nadia back from Libya between 2007 and 2009 and says he will raise the matter with the Home Secretary.

Mr Burnham said: “The ease with which Nadia left Manchester Airport is troubling, and this proposes a simple strategy which I think is achievable and would give huge reassurance to parents.”

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