Mum’s second miracle

Esme Potter with her big sister Bella
Esme Potter with her big sister Bella

A WIGAN mum who was told she would never conceive naturally has given birth to her second baby.

Gemma Potter, of Hindley, gave birth on New Year’s Day to little Esme, who weighed in at 6lb 11.5oz.

She was Gemma’s second miracle as, after trying for a baby with husband Simon, 36, for five years, she took part in a trial using pioneering new embryoscope technology.

She gave birth to Bella, the first baby to be born in the UK using this technique, two-and-a-half years ago.

And then last year, Gemma received the best shock of her life when she discovered she was five weeks pregnant ... and it had happened naturally.

The 30-year-old, who runs her own business, Butterfly Cakes, said: “I was hoping that Esme would not arrive before Christmas so we could concentrate on Bella and her presents. After that I could put more energy into getting the baby here, although it was quite a tense time.

“On Christmas Eve I went to a crib service at the parish church and it felt like a ticking time bomb as people were thinking I was going to pop.

“Boxing Day was exciting. Bella was two days late when she was born, so I was expecting to go a couple of days over.

“25 minutes to midnight on New Year’s Eve I got my first pain. I was at home with my husband Simon so it didn’t spoil any party,

“My contractions got stronger until 6am and then they stalled until 12.30pm, where I got them throughout the day. I got Bella to bed and I went to Wigan Infirmary at 8.40pm.

“Esme was born 40 minutes later.

“It is great to have a New Year baby - at least I have time to prepare for her birthday and make her a cake. If she was born on her due date, I would have had to make her birthday cake on Christmas Eve.

“I feel really blessed to have both my girls. Our family is complete now.

“Esme is so mellow and such a pleasure to be around.

“Bella is a great big sister and is totally smitten with her. She loves to play with her.”