Mum scarred after plank attack

Diljit Singh and Joanne
Diljit Singh and Joanne

A FAMILY have spoken of their horror after a gang of thugs launched a vicious assault with a plank of wood, in what they believe was a racist attack.

Del Singh, his wife Jo Kaur-Hayre and their children and grandchildren, were attacked outside their home in Valiant Way, Marsh Green.

Mrs Kaur-Hayre ended up in hospital and received nine stitches to her face.

Mr Singh, 40, said: “My eldest daughter saw a gang damaging cars, so my step-son Jamie went outside to ask them to move away and they threatened him.

“At this point I went out and asked them to move away, and I just got a mouthful of racial rubbish. They eventually moved on, but they didn’t stay away.”

The gang of six returned with planks of wood and a few more spectators. Jamie once again asked them to move away, but one youth hit him in the side of his head with a plank of wood, so Mr Singh stepped in, but was also hit.

Then the gang turned to attack his wife.

She said: “I went to get my son in and could see they were attacking him before setting on Del. We just wanted them to go away and told them we had phoned the police.

“I thought with me being a woman, they wouldn’t hit me, so I stood between them to stop them hitting them. Then I just felt this whack to my face and I was on the floor; it was so painful.

“I was covered in blood and helped to my feet. They ran off at this point and the police and paramedics turned up. The way the wood pierced my skin, it must have had a nail in it because it went right through.”

Mrs Kaur-Hayre was first taken to Wigan infirmary, but such was the seriousness of her injuries, she was transferred to Manchester.

Mr Singh said it was the latest in a number of incidents, and the family is now looking to move.

He added: “This street itself is fine; we get on well with the neighbours. But all I have to do is walk down for a bus or to the shops and I get met with the most vile, racist abuse.

“That’s just words though and as sick as it is I can ignore it, but when it gets physical like this, enough is enough.

“My kids are scared and we just want to move now.”

Three people have been arrested in connection with the incident.